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mouth ulcers

What is the active ingredient in Kenalog in Orabase®?

The active ingredient in Kenalog in Orabase® is triamcinolone acetonide – a type of corticosteroid that helps relieve pain and inflammation.

Where can I use Kenalog in Orabase®?

Kenalog in Orabase® is suitable for use inside the mouth, applied to mouth ulcers, sore gums, or oral abrasions which may be caused by rubbing from dentures or braces.

How do I know if I have a mouth ulcer or a cold sore?

Mouth ulcers usually occur on the inside (mucosa) of the cheek, lip and floor of the mouth, but can occasionally affect areas of the gums and the roof of the mouth. Unlike mouth ulcers, cold sores usually occur on the lips. While less common, cold sores may also occur inside the mouth or on other areas of skin. It is not possible to differentiate a cold sore inside the mouth from an aphthous or traumatic mouth ulcer using microbiological testing. If you are unsure whether you have a cold sore or a mouth ulcer, speak to your healthcare professional.

Why do I have a gritty feeling after applying Kenalog in Orabase®?

When applying Kenalog in Orabase®, try to avoid rubbing in and spreading the paste, which can cause a gritty feeling, or cause the paste to crumble. Instead, try to gently dab a small quantity of the paste onto the oral sore. After applying it correctly, a smooth, slippery film will develop. For best results, use only enough to coat the sore with a thin film.

What’s the difference between products like Kenalog, and other mouth ulcer gels like SM33, Bonjela and Difflam?

While each of these products can be used be used to treat mouth ulcers, they all work in different ways, with different active-ingredients:

  • SM33 Gel contains lignocaine, an anaesthetic ingredient that temporarily numbs the sensation of pain, as well as salicylic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, and ethanol which acts as a antiseptic.
  • Bonjela Mouth Ulcer & Teething Gel contains choline salicylate, which is an anti-inflammatory pain relieving agent.
  • Difflam Mouth Gel contains Benzydamine hydrochloride (an anaesthetic ingredient) and cetylpyridinium chloride, which is an antibacterial agent).

Unlike SM-33 Gel, Bonjela Mouth Ulcer Gel and Difflam Mouth Gel, Kenalog in Orabase® contains a corticosteroid ingredient called triamcinolone acetonide, within a moist-wound healing hydrocolloid paste (known as Orabase®). Kenalog in Orabase® delivers a triple action that speeds up the healing process, reduces pain and inflammation and forms a protective film barrier over the mouth ulcer or sore. Kenalog is also effective in suppressing the recurrence of mouth ulcers.

There are other important differences with each of these products, so always speak to your pharmacist who will decide which product, if any, is suitable for treating your mouth ulcer symptoms.

Can I use an antiseptic mouth wash with Kenalog in Orabase®?

The use of chlorohexidine based (non-alcoholic) mouth washes may help to prevent mouth ulcers. Always speak to your healthcare professional before using Kenalog in Orabase® with other medicine or mouth wash products.

Does Kenalog in Orabase® have any side effects?

Like any other medication Kenalog may have some unwanted side effects. In case you are concerned or if you experience any side effects, consult your healthcare professional.

What is the minimum age for using Kenalog in Orabase®?

Kenalog in Orabase® does not have recommended age guidelines in Australia. For more information, please speak with your dentist, doctor, or pharmacist who will decide if Kenalog in Orabase is right for you.

Can I use Kenalog in Orabase® during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant, do not use this product unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

Where can I buy Kenalog in Orabase®?

Kenalog in Orabase® is available in most leading pharmacies Australia-wide. To find your closest retailer visit our store finder page. Kenalog in Orabase® is a ‘Pharmacist Only Medicine’ and can be purchased from behind the dispensary counter in pharmacies, without needing a prescription. Ask to speak to your pharmacist if you would like to purchase Kenalog in Orabase®.